Then one Mr. Anipah, an Ewe, a Cocoa Broker for Cad bury and Fry arrived at Ejisu, a staunch Catholic and took over the services of the church. By dint of hard work he helped the few church members to construct a church by 1931.

Rev. Fr. Fisher, Parish Priest from Konongo visited Ejisu regularly and adopted the church under Konongo Parish. There was a small building on the compound that served as a mission house on Rev. Father’s visit to Ejisu.

Ejisu Church for several years was under Konongo Parish. There was a Corpus Christi Celebration at Konongo which was attended by the congregation from Ejisu. During the celebration at Konongo, there was an accident that claimed the life of a member of Ejisu. Some of the member decided that they would not go to Konongo anymore. As a result, Ejisu church was placed at Kumasi under Rev. Fr. William Meelberg in charged. By 1939 Rev. Fr. William Meelberg started the development of Ejisu. He built a school  and a new church that was opened in 1952.

In the early fifties the anti Bronk elements in Kumasi started the agitation to remove Bishop Bronk and extended the hatred to the foreign Priests who worked in Kumasi Parishes and in the Diocese in general. Rev. Fr. Meelberg was therefore one of the targeted priests.

In 1952, Rt. Rev. Bishop Bronk came to Ejisu and invited the two strong pillars of the church at Ejisu for some discussion. They were Mr. Joseph Kwasi Mensah, The Church President and Opanin Kwasi Prempeh his assistant. Mr. George Kwasi Williams, the Headmaster of the school was also the local catechist received them at his office.

The mission of the Rt. Rev. Bronk was to inform them of Rev. Fr. Meelberg’s departure for home on leave, and that in his absence there was no other Priest to minister the church at Ejisu. Ejisu church was thereforeto be placed under Konongo parish, until Rev. Fr. Meelberg returned from leave. This annoyed the two persons. They resisted the move and argued that Ejisu would not go to Konongo. They told the Bishop that Ejisu would remain priest-less until the Rev. Fr. Meelburg returns from leave.

The Rt. Rev. Bronk in order to cool their tempers promised them that on His return from leave, Ejisu church would return to Kumasi. The two giants agreed that they would join Konongo for the time being.

With the arrival of Rev. Fr. Meelberg, he was posted to Konongo as the Parish Priest. Ejisu Church therefore remained silent over the period Rev. Fr Meelberg served Konongo and Ejisu at the same time. Rev. Fr. Meelberg later on left finally for home.

The agitation for a parish started when Ejisu realized that Rt. Rev Bronk had deceived them. Rev. Fr. Sprong took over, then Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah. The entire congregation led by Mr. J.K. Mensah, the president, Opanin Kwasi Prempeh, Mr. Thomas K. Mensah, Mr. Francis K. Boateng and others pursued the agenda and started the construction of a Mission House at Ejisu. Besease Church was also bent on having a resident priest. This was a challenge to Ejisu.

Kumasi Diocese was now headed by Rt. Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong. Realizing the pressure was great, with wisdom and tactfulness, the he reconciled Ejisu and Besease and promised them with common Parish to be named Ejisu-Besease Parish. The Priest would stay at Ejisu because they had a mission house.

In 1972, the first Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Ruling was enstooled to cater for over thirty outstations. When Rev. Fr. Ruling served for three years, he left for home in 1975. His successor was Rev. Fr Declan Dorr Cssp. Followed by Rev. Fr. Augustine Barimah a young priest. Then came Rev. Fr. John J Coleman Cssp, Being the longest serving Parish Priest for Ejisu-Besease. Due to old age and in-active service he retired for home.

The creation of the New Diocese, Konongo-Mampong, headed by Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu brought some changes. Ejisu=Besease goes to the new Diocese. Rev. Msgr. Patrick Akoi was transferred to take over the parish. Rev. Msgr. Patrick Akoi was later on indisposed and retired.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Oppong-Mensah, a young energetic Priest was appointed by the Bishop to take over the Parish. During his administration he modernized the Parish seat. The creation of Juaben and Fumesua parishes out of Ejisu-Besease was undertaken. Ejisu-Besease Parish now had the following stations – Ejisu, Besease, Boankra, Hwireso, Onwe, Abenase, Edwenase, Krapa and Kwamo.

Rev.Fr. Thomas Oppong-Mensah left for United States and then came Rev. Msgr. Thomas Kofi Manu Dente an aged priest.

During the tenure of the Rev. Msgr. Thomas Manu another new parish was created, that was Onwe-Besease Parish with the resident Priest at Besease. Ssome time later Msgr. Thomas Manu Sort  Excardination and moved to Kumasi Archdiocese. Rev. Fr. Gregory Amponsah-Nkansah appointed to take over and he is still the priest at post. On 1st October 2011, during the tenure of the current Parish Priest, Kwamo, an outstation of Ejisu Parish was raised to the level of a rectorate.

This was recorded by Mr. Peter K. Bempah, the former President of Ejisu-Besease Parish and also President for Ejisu Church.